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Updated: Oct 18, 2023

The definition of yoga is to yoke together. More specifically to yoke the mind, body and breath together in an effort to reach peace and clarity in our lives.

Many people think of yoga only in terms of the physical movement part of yoga which is called asana. Asana is one of the eight limbs of yoga and it is the most popular and frightening part of yoga to those unfamiliar with the practice. People are often apprehensive about yoga because what they usually see when researching yoga on social networks, internet searches etcetera, are individuals who have great flexibility, strength and balance after years of practice which have resulted in great confidence and stamina. Everyone begins asana somewhere and asana can be practiced by just about anyone with an instructor intent on serving the beginner.

The 8 limbs of yoga are:









Mindful Resilience Yoga is a type of yoga which introduces the 8 limbs in a way which is non-threatening and inclusive, thus allowing anyone with an interest in enhancing the quality of their lives by connecting with their bodies, finding peace and fulfillment the opportunity to do so.

I will continue to blog here about the 8 limbs of yoga in an effort to provide as much information about the power of yoga to those I serve.

The light in me honors the light in you.

You are perfectly unique and divinely created!

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